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About Electric Vehicles

We pride ourselves on saving the planet by reducing air pollution, mitigating climate
change, improving air quality, creating jobs and improving the global economy

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about electric vehicles

About Us

Our vision is focused on contributing towards our communities and the environment, a world where we prioritize saving our environment, mitigating climate change, reducing air pollution, reducing mortality rate, improving air quality, creating jobs, and improving the economy. We enlighten people on understanding what is right and good for our environment and make right, informed choices, Nextelectriccars is about electric vehicles – a key solution provider to more eco-friendly vehicles, innovative autonomous vehicles, a prosperous economy, a pollution-free environment, good public health, and a better-connected smart future.

At nextelectriccars, contributing to the electric car and smart future car technology development is imperative to us. Likewise, having a community that shares their experiences, obtain solutions and up-to-date news on EVs, Autonomous Cars, Battery technologies, support, and help one another are some part of our key goals.

Nextelectriccars is also focused on solving electric car charging problems by connecting EV owners who have charging points to each other and with EV charging stations wherever and whenever to eliminate range anxiety. Some of these charging stations may be free or just a small amount for charging with your nextelectriccars membership discount. This will make charging less stressful and easier for everyone. 

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