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Battery-swapping technology

With battery-swapping technology, drivers can take their cars, kitted out with swappable batteries, into battery-swap stations where the drained battery will be replaced with fully charged ones within three to five minutes. This drive-through battery-swapping technology was first introduced and shot down by Tesla but is benefiting Chinese electric car makers and (taxi)drivers today as this new technology is saving EV drivers more time by charging the EV less. As of June 2020, there are 542 battery-swapping stations in China, mostly in Beijing.

How can an electric car be practical for a long-distance drive?

If you’re planning on going on a long-distance drive with your electric vehicle, it’s important to feel safe, relaxed and at ease while driving. Range anxiety is not beneficial to long-distance driving with an EV. The main strategies to eliminate range anxiety are providing a strong charging infrastructure, the development of new batteries at a cost-effective price, battery swapping technology, the use of range extenders, and providing accurate navigation.

With battery swapping technology, you receive a battery pack with your EV where one battery takes over when the other is finished while recharging the first battery. With this technology, you can easily make long-distance drives without feeling anxious about your EV’s range.

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