Books at Next Electric Cars

Books on Electric Vehicles

Insane Mode

By Hamish McKenzie · 2018

The Future of Electric Vehicles A Sustainable Solution

Electric Vehicles

by Taiwo Ayodele 2019

BMW iNext

by Brad Durant  2014

The Future of Electric Vehicle Battery Technology

Electric Vehicle Battery Technology

By Taiwo Ayodele·



The Automobile

by Gautam Sen· 2021

The Ecology of the Automobile

by Peter Freund 1994

Automobile Design

by R.N. Bahl 2019

Automobile Engineering

by Dr.Kripal Singh 2019

Autonomous Cars

Autonomous Vehicles

by Michael E. McGrath  2019


by Alex Davies  2021


by Hod Lipson  2018


by Lawrence D Burns 2018

New Releases

Car Wars

by John J. Fialka  2021

The Electric Car

by Alex Davies  2021


by Peter Henshaw 2021

Bottled Lighting

by Seth Fletcher  2021


Luxury Electric Cars

by Ev Takeover Press 2021

Electric Cars

by Keith Chamberlain  2020

The Electric Car Solution

by Bobby Wes 2021

The Electric Vehicle Conversion

by Mark Warner 2011