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Nextelectriccars is where electric vehicles owners and communities come together to help each other, read the latest news on electric cars, autonomous vehicles, smart future cars. Nextelectriccars is where electric vehicles owners and communities come together to help each other, read the latest news on electric cars, autonomous vehicles, smart future cars. Nextelectriccars is where electric vehicles owners and communities come together to help each other, read the latest news on electric cars, autonomous vehicles, smart future cars. 

How to Achieve Net Zero Emissions Using Electric Vehicles and Heat Pumps?

Since the 18th century right after the agrarian revolution, we have been on an earnest endeavour to build as many industries as possible. These industries have played a crucial role in the production of various industrial and household goods. Consequently, this has resulted in remarkable economic development and technological advancement.

However, this rapid industrialization has caused adverse environmental consequences that we had not anticipated. The numerous construction projects to set up factories and other commercial buildings have led to massive deforestation. Effluent from the factories has polluted water bodies and harmed aquatic life while the reckless disposal of non-biodegradable waste has contributed to continued environmental degradation.

ways to achieve net-zero emissions 

The combustion of fossil fuels like crude oil and coal to power vehicles and industries has increased atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. These harmful emissions have led to air pollution, rain acidity, and global warming. With net incomes increasing and more people purchasing vehicles daily, the continued use of fossil energy for fuel is environmentally unsustainable.

To prevent further environmental destruction, several remedial measures like the circular economy system have been suggested over the years. However, failure to implement such measures to encourage recycling of non-biodegradable materials and appropriate disposal has sustained the continued assault on our natural resources.

Therefore, it is important that we not only design effective preventive measures to stop the destruction of the environment but that we actually implement them. To curb the environmental degradation brought about by carbon dioxide emissions, we must use alternative energy sources that are clean and eco-friendly. In this regard, electric vehicles offer a great alternative means of transport as that does not increase atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

Powered by electricity from the grid, EVs do not release carbon emissions into the air. Instead, the electricity used to power electric vehicles is obtained from clean, renewable sources of energy. These include wind and solar energy, geothermal power, hydroelectricity, and marine/ocean power. Marine energy is generated using tidal turbines and wave machines and countries like, the UK, France, South Korea, Russia, and China are producing it.

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 The future of transportation is electric and
robotized. The everyday versatility biological system keeps on developing and incorporates a variety of administrations, for example, car-sharing, micro-transit, available administrations, and shared micro-mobility. Some future transports are discussed here:

1.     Driverless Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles can perceive and react to roadworks, level intersections, multiple crossing points and an assortment of correspondences with cyclists.

driverless car

For instance, utilizing laser imaging, the vehicle can perceive a cyclist waving his hand, will anticipate that the cyclist should move over and won’t go until it is sheltered to do as such.

Flying vehicles

A flying vehicle could be more proficient than a road vehicle, particularly when ordinary planes have such notoriety for being gas guzzlers.

flying car

For 100km excursions, electric flying vehicles could be 35 percent more effective than a petroleum-controlled vehicle, albeit expecting a similar number of travellers, but still less proficient than an electric road vehicle.  (flying-cars-emissions, 2020)

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In the past few weeks, there has been a shortage of fuel (petrol or diesel) in the UK caused by distribution issues (HGV drivers’ insufficient) which have caused widespread disruptions. While some are unable to commute to work, traffics mounted in some cities, and fears grew that the NHS would be affected, and more more. Hence, Electric Vehicles (EVs) seem to be the better sustainable solution that is needed.


With Electric Vehicles in this type of situation, there is no need for people to panic and do not need to be anxious because:

  • Electricity will always be available for Electric Cars through various sources. E.g., Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Tidal, Biomass, Hydropower energy.
  • EVs won’t cause such disruptions; you will still be able to get to work and carry on your day, and hospitals won’t be affected either.
  • No fuel, no emissions, only use electricity. Eco-friendly and does not emit toxic gasses.
  • Low Maintenance and running cost.
  • No congestion charge or ULEZ ( in London) if you register your EV with Transport for London with a one-off payment.
  • Better performance (High and Responsive Acceleration) with improved driving experience (regenerative braking) compared to internal combustion engine (ICE).
  •  Free parking in some cities or car parks (Always check terms and Conditions)
  • Benefit from £2,500 off purchase price from the government
  • Convenience: You can charge your electric car at home, work, at service stations, in some supermarkets, and in public places using charging points/stations with the appropriate charging sockets.
  • Government Funding towards Electric Car Home Charging Point; grants up to £350 are available towards the cost of installing EV Home Charger.

And in return, you are doing your part in saving our environment by reducing air pollutions, improving public health, and mitigating climate change.

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